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At Physical Therapy of Melissa, remarkable success stories are commonplace.  

One successful case in particular involved a woman grappling with knee pain due to osteoarthritis, with a visibly swollen knee. Before visiting Physical Therapy of Melissa, the physician advised her to move forward with surgery. After trying everything ranging from pain medication to injections and even physical therapy at another clinic, she came to Physical Therapy of Melissa looking for a second opinion and a hope of avoiding surgery at all costs. 

Physical Therapy of Melissa was able to take a look and realize that while she was indeed lacking the range of motion and strength in the knee, there was another point that had not been addressed previously – the way her foot was placed.  

A lot of clinics, when patients come in with knee pain, only focus on the knee. However, Physical Therapy of Melissa looks at the joints above and below the knee, which if misaligned can throw off the knee due to the additional stress added to the knee joint created when accommodating for problems in surrounding joints.  

A pronated foot throws the angles off at the knee, placing abnormal stresses at the knee joint. By simply prescribing an insert that goes into the shoe, along with the physical therapy, Physical Therapy of Melissa was able to resolve her pain, and she canceled her surgery appointment. 

This client was very pleased about her successful outcomes and still remains a cherished member of the clinic’s community, a reminder of how rewarding it is to help people to achieve their goals without resorting to unnecessary surgeries.  

Another great success story involves a former professional football player whose post-career life was threatened after having multiple surgeries and severe debilitation, which left him dependent on a walker.  

His goal was not to go back and play football again, but simply to be able to walk and live his normal life with his family.  

Physical Therapy of Melissa was able to help him achieve this transformation from reliance on a walker to a regained independence in mobility, allowing him to fully embrace his life after football.  

Success stories like these truly demonstrate the important and rewarding work that Physical Therapy of Melissa does for the community, empowering individuals to a better quality of life. 

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