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About Dr Nathaniel Christadoss, PT, DPT

Doctor Of Physical Therapy
Founder & CEO of Physical Therapy Of Melissa

Although he was born in Rochester, Minnesota, Nat has lived most of his life in Texas, and discovered the field of physical therapy whilst studying at the University of Texas. Alongside his studies, Nat played recreational basketball, a sport that left him with recurring ankle injuries.

A final, more serious ankle injury and a trip to the doctor meant that Nat faced the prospect of surgery, something that he was desperately hoping to avoid. A beacon of hope in the form of physical therapy was proposed to him as an option before resorting for surgery.

Despite physical therapy being brand new to Nat, he went forward with the treatment process, and within a matter of days he started noticing some progress and resolution to the pain that he was suffering with.

Thanks to physical therapy, Nat was able to comfortably walk again, so he kept with it. Fast forward, to a few months later, and his ankle issues had been completely resolved, and it never came back again, which demonstrated to him the transformative nature of physical therapy, setting him on his career path.

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Nat continued on to physical therapy school at Texas Tech University, Lubbock, where he graduated with a master’s in physical therapy, and began working for a company for the next four years of his career.

After leaving the company as its director in 2006, he established his own facility in Melissa – Physical Therapy of Melissa.

In 2015, Nat went back to school and received his doctorate in physical therapy, as well as an executive degree, allowing him to work on the business as well.

The year 2020 brought significant challenges with the pandemic, leading to Nat taking a step back from treating patients to focus on the business-side of the clinic, and avoid furloughing his dedicated and talented staff members.

However, due to his history and expertise with physical therapy, and a love for providing the community with life-changing care, Nat remains an active part in the well-being of his patients and continues to play a key role in the growth and development of Physical Therapy of Melissa.

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