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December 12th, 2019

In 2011 I saw Nat for Plantar fasciitis. He fixed it quickly with some exercises and stretches. During that time I got a lot of education about my injury from Nat. One of the biggest things that stuck with me was that I should always try PT before doing anything invasive like surgery or even injections. In October of 2015 I hurt my back. There was no accident or fall, I just woke up one day and I couldn’t bend over or run or play with my kids. They were ready to start injecting steroids into my spine and possibly even considering surgery. I was really shaken up. I heard Nat in my mind. When I got in to see Nat I was terrified, crying, and just plain defeated. He looked at me with full confidence and said “Kelly, I can fix this, I’m so glad you came to me.” Nat and his team worked with me for roughly 3 months. I am back to doing all of the things I did before I came in.