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Direct Access to Physical Therapy Now Available in Texas

The Governor of Texas recently singed a bill that will change the future of physical therapy in this state forever.

For those who are unaware, Texas was one of only two states in America that still required patients to obtain a referral from a physician in order to access physical therapy. This is an issue for many reasons. Without direct access to physical therapy services, many patients live with painful conditions for far too long, only seeking assistance when the pain becomes unmanageable.

Physical therapists are movement experts who are trained in the methods of pain relief, prevention, and functional improvement. In some cases, a physician may not recommend physical therapy services simply because they do not have the same knowledge that a licensed physical therapist does on how much a patient can benefit from them.

Furthermore, going through a physician to gain a referral every time is a hassle. Patients don’t want to spend time and energy to do so – and we don’t blame them! In many cases, a physician visit for minor aches and pains may not even be necessary.

Fortunately for physical therapists and patients everywhere, this is no longer the case! With the signing of House Bill 29, patients now have direct access to physical therapy whenever they need it – without having to go through their physician! This bill provides patients with:

  • Improved Access to Care
  • Better Health Outcomes
  • Lower Health Care Costs

“Many pains and aches that patients have can be treated, and exercises to be done at home can be demonstrated from the first time a patient sees a Physical Therapist,” said Dr. Nat Christadoss owner of Physical Therapy of Melissa. He continued, “This change is great news for patients who can now go directly to the most appropriate healthcare provider and not wait for appointments, offices visits or possible unnecessary tests.”

If you would like to learn more about how this change can affect you, please contact Physical Therapy of Melissa today.

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