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3 Ways To Prevent and Treat Back Pain With Physical Therapy

Do you have frequent low back pain? If the answer is yes, you should definitely get a physical therapy referral ASAP!

Physical therapy is a well-known profession for diagnosing and treating low back pain. Low back discomfort is, in fact, one of the most common reasons people seek the help of a physical therapist. Our field’s researchers have even created simple and comprehensive practice recommendations to assist therapists in treating this illness in their patients.

Keep reading to learn how physical therapy at Physical Therapy of Melissa can help you find meaningful relief from your lower back pain!

The benefits of physical therapy for low back pain

1. PT treatments are drug-free, non-invasive, and safe for all ages.

Low back discomfort is more common as individuals get older, but it can affect people of any age group. Physical therapy therapies for low back pain, such as remedial exercises and spinal manipulation, are fortunately safe and acceptable for people of all ages.

If a certain treatment method isn’t right for you, your physical therapist can provide you with a variety of additional therapies to help you recuperate.

2. A PT can create a special, customized treatment plan to relieve and resolve your condition.

Based on the current clinical practice guidelines created by the American Physical Therapy Association’s Orthopaedic Section, a person presenting with low back pain can be classified into one of several distinct treatment categories, based on a thorough examination. This type of systematic categorization is cost-effective and beneficial, since it helps patients receive services specifically designed for their needs.

A physical therapist can expertly tease out hidden difficulties contributing to your back pain condition, such as nerve impingement, movement incoordination, poor core muscle activation, and range of motion limits, thanks to their considerable training!

These are concerns that are frequently neglected or under-addressed by other specialists, which explains why symptom-relieving measures are typically ineffective in the long run.

To put it another way, if underlying issues like instability or incoordination aren’t addressed, your problem will most certainly crop back up in the future! A physical therapist can relieve your symptoms and lessen your chances of chronic suffering by addressing the underlying reasons of your back pain and then systematically managing these issues with tailored treatment based on research.

3. Many known risk factors for low back pain are preventable. A physical therapist can help you figure out what they are.

Low back pain is so frequent that almost everyone will experience it at some point in their lives. It’s not always apparent what causes back pain in the first place, but most experts agree that a number of factors are at play, including activity level, occupation, age, family and medical history, and the existence of other health disorders including smoking, obesity, and diabetes.

A physical therapist can assist you in identifying and modifying your avoidable risk factors. Sitting too much, for example, has been linked to lower back pain. A physical therapist can help you increase your physical activity and reduce the amount of time you spend sitting by helping you regulate your pain and improving your physical function and ergonomic settings.

We can help you feel your best!

Remember that physical therapists are the experts when it comes to identifying how low back pain limits a person’s participation in daily activities, and how these limitations can be resolved or compensated for. Your therapist will give you at-home exercises to complete in addition to attending your regular physical therapy sessions. Try to do them at home! After all, your progress outside the clinic matters even more than your progress inside the clinic!

Our physical therapy team always looks for the bigger picture of your condition and will help you modify your daily tasks in a way that will make you feel successful, safe, and confident. So what are you waiting for?

Give Physical Therapy of Melissa a call today to schedule an appointment, and allow us to help you get back to your best self.

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