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Sit Up Straight for better posture

Sit Up Straight: Could Poor Posture Be To Blame For Back Pain?

You may be surprised about the true reasons for your pain symptoms!

The majority of people have difficulty sitting and standing up straight. Many of us can recall our parents and instructors telling us that excellent posture was the key to good health later in life!

We all rolled our eyes at the time since the requirement seemed inconvenient! However, we learn that proper posture is about more than just looking good as we become older! Back discomfort can be avoided by sitting and standing with proper spinal alignment.

It’s possible that bad posture is the source of your back pain. Allow our clinic to assist you in learning about the advantages of physical therapy for back pain. Request an appointment today to learn more about the benefits of good posture and how physical therapy can help you to achieve it for yourself!

The link between back pain relief and good posture

Your spine is meant to operate in a specific way. Each time you move, sit, or stand in ways that disrupt the correct position and operation of your spine, you can end up creating long-term problems.

One strategy to work to reduce back pain is to practice excellent posture with the guidance of a qualified physical therapist. When you start physical therapy, you’ll learn how to develop proper posture, notice when you’re not doing so, and discover a variety of ways that healthy movement patterns can help you manage your back pain.

Some ways that developing good posture through physical therapy can help you with avoiding back pain are as follows:

1. Improved Posture With Everyday Activities

When we hear the words “good posture,” we usually think of how we sit or stand, yet good posture is vital in all aspects of our lives!

Your therapist will teach you how to maintain proper posture during sports and everyday activities like running or walking during physical therapy. Improving your overall posture will reduce the daily wear and tear on your spine. This will also reduce your chances of experiencing back pain as a result of these activities.

2. Good Posture Encourages Flexibility and Strength

According to the Mayo Clinic, “Correct posture can enhance your productivity and attitude, as well as help you use your muscles more efficiently.”

It’s generally wise to consider that learning to maintain good posture won’t be easy if you haven’t had it for a long time. Physical therapy may take some time to help you build the strength and flexibility you need to maintain proper posture and spinal alignment

Your general fitness will improve as a result of the work you perform and the effort you put in with your physical therapist to attain your objective. The more flexible you become, the more strength you’ll have, and the less likely you will be to experience back pain.

3. Avoiding Incorrect Anatomical Changes

Did you know that the way you utilize your spine might induce structural changes in your body? That is correct. Excessive tension from sitting slumped over can harm your spinal discs, muscles, joints, as well as the nerves and blood vessels that run through your spine.

Physical therapy treatment at (practice name), fortunately, can usually reverse the issue. Your body can learn to sit and stand appropriately with targeted workouts, stretches, and information!

4. Encourages Good Circulation

Your veins will not be as constricted by pressure on your vertebrae if you maintain good spinal alignment. Many components of your spine rely on good circulation to function properly and to recover from regular wear and tear.

It may seem difficult at first, but as your physical therapist walks you through the many physical therapy exercises and techniques for maintaining excellent posture, you will become more adept at maintaining the alignment essential for optimal circulation.

5. Prevents Back Pain Caused by Improper Lifting

If you frequently move large objects, you must ensure that you have proper posture! When it comes to lifting something without injuring yourself, good posture is essential.

If you lift something and don’t employ appropriate posture, you’re more likely to injure your back.

Inquire with your physical therapist about maintaining the correct lifting posture. They will be able to demonstrate proper lifting techniques as well as lead you through exercises to maintain proper posture.

Choosing physical therapy for back pain relief 

Have you considered alternative back pain management choices, such as drugs or a costly surgery? Physical therapy is a safe, natural, and, most importantly, effective treatment of back pain caused by improper posture!

When it comes to teaching patients how to maintain excellent posture, physical therapists are the experts. Your physical therapist will explain its significance to you and provide you with the instructions you need to maintain an excellent posture every day.

During your appointment, your therapist will do a full body assessment and determine the origins of your pain. Once that is understood, they will create a comprehensive treatment plan to relieve your pain and improve your posture.

The important thing to remember is that your physical therapist is your #1 supporter. If there is ever a moment where you doubt your ability to continue on with treatment, we’re here to help and reassure you!

Therapy is something that we consider a “work in progress,” and everyone’s treatment is different. Don’t be afraid to consult with your physical therapist at (practice name) if you doubt your ability to recover!

Don’t delay; request an appointment today!

If you are suffering from back pain, chances are it could be the result of poor posture. Contact our physical therapy office today to get set up for a consultation with one of our licensed physical therapists!

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