December 17th, 2019

After suffering from Vertigo for three plus years, visiting multiple doctors, trying different medications, and exercise routines, Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy was recommended to me. I went online to check this out and found PTM had a specialist in this area. I began working with Pam and what a difference she has made! She is most knowledgeable in vestibular issues and communicates in a personal, professional, and most understandable way. She welcomes questions at any time and is a great encourager as you meet your goals, and always challenges you to go to the next level. It is so comforting to be able to talk to someone who understands vertigo and balance issues and how to manage the effects of each. Everyone as this facility is friendly and efficient. If scheduling problems arise, they are happy to offer solutions. My drive there is one hour twenty minutes, but it was well worth the time and distance. I have already recommended Pam to a friend and she is beginning her pt in two days. Thank you, Pam, and everyone at Physical Therapy of Melissa for your exemplary service. My doctor in Dallas has added you to their recommended list of physical therapists.