December 12th, 2019

In 2011 I saw Nat for Plantar fasciitis. He fixed it quickly with some exercises and stretches. During that time I got a lot of education about my injury from Nat. One of the biggest things that stuck with me was that I should always try PT before doing anything invasive like surgery or even injections. Any invasive procedure can cause scar tissue and even with the slightest bit of scar tissue it can worsen a problem. You cannot go back from that. In October of 2015 I hurt my back. There was no accident or fall, I just woke up one day and I couldn’t bend over or run or play with my kids. I tried to deal with it for quite a while and it wasn’t going away. I went in December for an MRI. The doctors were wondering how I was even walking. They said I had a 7th degree bulge in my L-1 S-5 Disc. They were ready to start injecting steroids into my spine and possibly even considering surgery. I was really shaken up. I heard Nat in my mind. I asked the surgeon if I could please try PT first. He scoffed at me and wrote the prescription. He let me know which days he is in his surgical center when I was all done and wanted the pain relieved. When I got in to see Nat I was terrified, crying, and just plain defeated. He looked at me with full confidence and said “Kelly, I can fix this, I’m so glad you came to me” Nat and his team worked with me for roughly 3 months. He again, educated me and explained my injury while working hard to remedy the situation. I graduated yesterday. I am back to doing all of the things I did before I came in. There are things I will have to do to keep it up forever but it sure beats risking multiple surgeries and alternative complications because of the medical machine. Whether you are hurting and have been in for a surgery or you are hurting and you are thinking of having surgery, please consider coming in to see Nat and his team first. It’s a lot of work, but so much better than the alternative. Thank you Nat, Pam, Vic, Lindsey, Michele, and Heather for all of your hard work and for caring the way you all do.